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Private Equity Fund 2020 (“PE 2020”)

Fund Overview

Fund Goal

To provide long term capital appreciation through investment in equity securities that are not freely tradable on a public stock market.

Who Can Invest

Private Equity Fund 2020 is closed to new investors.

Who Might Want to Invest

An investor who:

    • Wants to diversify a conservative portfolio by investing a portion of his or her money beyond the public securities markets and into private equity.
    • Wants the potential for superior long-term returns and is willing to assume a higher level of risk.
    • Can accept the illiquidity inherent in private equity investing.
Strategy and Fund Description
SEP offered its sixth private equity fund-of-funds to the family to help keep investor’s exposure to private equity constant. This fund closed in January of 2020 with 44 family members choosing to participate. The overall investment by the family was $8,200,000 which was split between these funds:

    30% – Greenspring Global Partners X, LP

    40% – RCP XIV Buyout Fund

    30% – Portfolio Advisors Secondary Fund IV

Greenspring X is expected to provide investors with access to a diversified portfolio of early stage venture capital investments in the Information Technology and Healthcare sectors.  

RCP XIV is a fund‐of‐funds located in Chicago, Illinois that focuses on the lower middle market private sector and invests in either a direct, primary, or secondary manner in companies valued at or below $250 million in enterprise value.

PASF IV seeks to create a diversified portfolio of private equity limited partnerships purchased for a discount on the secondary market that will shorten the normal investment timeframe and result in shortened holding periods and provide immediate diversification across vintage years, industries and companies. PASF IV may also invest in a limited number of direct private equity co‐investments if attractive risk-adjusted returns exist at the point of investment.