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International Fund

Fund Overview

Fund Goal

To provide long term capital appreciation by investing in equity securities of foreign issuers, including emerging markets countries.

Who Can Invest

Any family member through Sedgwick Street Fund, LLC.

Who Might Want to Invest

An investor who:

    • Wants to diversify a portfolio by investing a portion of his or her money in a fund which invests in equities of foreign companies and employs both growth and value strategies.
Strategy and Fund Description
The International Fund pursues a strategy of investing in equities of foreign companies and offers an opportunity to diversify beyond the U.S. markets.
An investor in the International Fund is buying into a blend of assets and does not have the option to pick and choose among these mutual funds. The underlying assets in the International Fund can change at any time at the sole discretion of the Board. For example, in 2010, we added an emerging markets component, (the DFA Emerging Markets mutual fund and GQG Partners Emerging Markets added in 2020).
The fund currently invests in the following institutional class, no-load, mutual funds:
    • 20% – Dodge & Cox International Stock Fund (DODFX)
    • 20% – DFA Emerging Markets Value Fund (Inst.) (DFEVX)
    • 20% – Wasatch (“Small Cap”) International Growth Fund (WAIGX)
    • 10% – GQG Partners Merging markets Institutional (GQGIX)
    • 30% – Geode Developed International Tax Loss Harvesting Index Fund (Separately Managed)