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Income-Oriented Fund

Fund Overview

Fund Goal

To provide a cash yield higher than that currently offered by traditional stock and bond investments.

Who Can Invest

Any family member through Sedgwick Street Fund, LLC.

Who Might Want to Invest

An investor who:

    • Who is interested in a higher yielding investment but can withstand equity-like volatility. This is not a bond substitute.
Strategy and Fund Description
An investor in this investment option, which opened in November 2012, is buying into a blend of assets and does not have the option to pick and choose among the underlying investments. The allocation shown below will be maintained until economic conditions dictate a change, at which point the Board may decide to change the weights of the existing funds, replace a fund to upgrade performance or add or delete a fund in order to increase or decrease exposure to a specific market segment. This Fund makes monthly income distributions to investors.
The Fund currently invests in:
    • 25% Energy Infrastructure and Energy Funds  (SMLPX & IMLPX) – Two mutual funds investing in publicly traded master limited partnership interests, mostly focused on midstream oil and gas pipelines (i.e., the last pipeline that leads to the refinery).
    • 25% Principal Real Estate Securities (PFRSX) – invests in public real estate investment trusts.  Under normal circumstances, the fund invests at least 80% of its net assets in equity securities of companies principally engaged in the real estate industry at the time of purchase.  
    • 25% Principal Spectrum Preferred & Capital Securities Income Fund (Inst.)(PPSIX) – invests in preferred securities and capital securities including preferred stocks and various types of junior subordinated debt and trust preferred securities.  The fund has a concentration of investments within the financial services sector.
    • 25% Virtus Seix High Income Fund (Inst.) (STHTX) – invests in stocks from around the world paying high dividends.