SSF Transaction Request Form
Adding money, withdrawing money, or moving among the investment options (except SEP) is accomplished with a signed Transaction Request Form.  These can be completed by requesting the form from SALLC or completing the DocuSign template below which will automtacally send the completed form to our office.  Purchases and redemptions are allowed once every month, on the 1st business day.  Prior to the end of the month, a purchase requires 3 days’ notice, and withdrawals require 10 days’ notice.

Request for “In-kind” Redemption Form
Withdrawals of appreciated stock for charitable giving are allowed monthly from Sedgwick’s domestic stock funds.  By gifting long-term highly appreciate stock, an investor can satisfy his or her charitable obligations while saving the tax that would be due if the stock had been sold at a gain and the cash gifted.  Our minimum stock withdrawal is $5,000, which can be split between charities.