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Tim Thompson is currently President of the Board of Managers (an elected position), and Sedgwick Advisers, LLC (“SALLC”) is the appointed Senior Advisor to Sedgwick. He reports to the Board of Managers. SALLC (Tim Thompson, Joanne Allans, Katie Hughes, Carolyn Monson, and Lara Prestipino) is primarily responsible for managing Sedgwick’s operations, communicating with investors, and supervising all outside advisors, including the portfolio managers. SALLC is the liaison between Sedgwick and the investors’ tax accountants or financial planners to help coordinate asset allocation decisions and to provide tax and performance information.

SALLC is also named as Manager of Sedgwick Absolute Return Fund, LLC, and Sedgwick Equity Partners, LLC. The Manager is charged with making all decisions affecting these entities and receives input (but not direction) from the Board of Sedgwick, as well as the Advisory Board of these entities. This structure is a result of SEC restrictions due to our inclusion of accredited investors in these funds.