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Sedgwick Street Fund, LLC is governed by a Board of Managers. Sedgwick Absolute Return Fund, LLC, Sedgwick Hedged Directional Fund, LLC and Sedgwick Equity Partners, LLC are each governed by a Managing Member, Sedgwick Advisers, LLC, in consultation with an Advisory Board. All Advisory Board members are currently members of the Board of Sedgwick.


The primary goals of the Board of Managers are as follows:

      • Provide a diversified, balanced array of well managed investment opportunities and achieve total returns that are in the long run higher than each fund’s popular benchmark, after adjusting for income taxes.
      • Regularly monitor and report each fund’s performance to investors. Replace underperforming managers and keep investors apprised of current information relating to Sedgwick’s funds.
      • Keep Sedgwick Street financially healthy and competitive.
      • Conduct long-range studies into potentially attractive investment opportunities, good family office practices, strategies for wealth management and estate planning.
      • Educate our families and young people in the responsibilities and techniques of wealth management, estate planning, and opportunities for charitable giving.
      • Actively market Sedgwick Street to prospective members.


Sedgwick’s activities are initiated and monitored by a Board of Managers, consisting of ten family members, two outside directors and Timothy N. Thompson as an ex officio member. Each investor votes directly for Board members based on their percentage ownership as of the record date. Each elected member of the Board may serve a maximum of two consecutive three-year terms on the Board.

In nominating individuals to fill Board vacancies, the criteria include a general level of knowledge of investments, diversity among generations and diversity by family. (The current Board has representatives from various branches of both the Oscar F. and Gottfried Mayer families.) A number of members have experience in serving on the boards of foundations and other charities, serving as trustee of retirement plans or family trusts, or working in the securities industry. Each of the current family Board members is also an investor (either directly or indirectly through another entity) in Sedgwick Street, so their interests are aligned with yours. The Board meets quarterly to review and direct Sedgwick’s operations.