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Fidelity’s primary function is to hold in custody and account for most of Sedgwick Street’s assets, fulfill trades placed by Sedgwick’s many investment managers, collect income on assets and pay expenses as directed by Sedgwick Advisers, LLC.

Fidelity also maintains custody accounts for each of Sedgwick’s investors and transmits funds for investors pursuant to instruction from the Senior Advisor. If you are registered for online access with Fidelity, you can access your custodial account through  Register by contacting the Sedgwick office.

To view a tutorial of how to login to Fidelity, please follow the link to our Tutorial Video:

Fidelity Website Tutorial – CLICK HERE

SEI Archway

Archway is our new partnership accounting and technology provider.  Archway performs all of the necessary partnership accounting and tax allocations for investors in accordance with Sedgwick’s operating agreements.  Archway works with KSM, LLP, and Sedgwick Advisers, LLC to complete Sedgwick’s annual tax filings.

In addition, Archway also generates monthly performance reports for investors and hosts an online client portal called “Veridium”.  On this site, investors can see a comprehensive view of all of their assets at Fidelity and invested through Sedgwick Street Funds and Sedgwick Equity Partners.  The online investor portal also allows an investor to see a consolidated view of multiple accounts or look through to single accounts and their respective holdings. Investors can compare their accounts to model asset allocations and view performance history and cash activity on the portal.

Monthly performance reports are posted to the Veridium investor portal and available for download.  Sedgwick Advisers will also continue to mail statements to investors that request hard copy statements and will work to set up the frequency of mailings desired by each investor.

To view a tutorial of how to login to The Archway Platform as well as basic functionality, please follow the link to our Tutorial Video:

Archway Platform Login and Features Tutorial – CLICK HERE