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CAPTRUST (Formerly Ellwood Associates) is Sedgwick Street’s investment consultant. CAPTRUST is vital in developing and carrying out the Board’s and the Managing Member’s overall Investment Policy.


The Board’s most significant responsibility is the selection and continuing oversight of Sedgwick’s portfolio managers. CAPTRUST’s counsel is essential in monitoring each investment manager in terms of performance, portfolio style and compliance with specific guidelines established by the Board. As necessary, they are responsible for searching for replacement managers. CAPTRUST also recommended and continues to monitor Sedgwick’s hedge funds-of-funds and SEP’s real estate and private equity managers. At the Board’s request, CAPTRUST has developed several asset allocation models which can be referenced by the family in developing their own personal allocations.


CAPTRUST reports to the Board and to the Managing Member quarterly. You can see their most current report by clicking on the News and Reports tab.


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Allie Pennington